Your Home, Your Service


Whats included in the service?

  • Responsible for the general maintenance of the gardens, plants and lawns at the Hotel. And also maintain the beautification of the lawns and gardens in order to attract guests to hotels lush and green surroundings.
  • Book Online Bolt, Latch, Handle Work at home for best rates.
  • Your Home and Office furniture will then be assembled by our team of seasoned professionals, applying all their expertise and know-how in the delivery of best in class quality.
  • Our Carpenter maintain furniture and other elements of carpentry repair works in guest room, meeting rooms and all public areas including back of the house.
  • Our furniture repair technician can repair different types of furnitures made up of wood, fabrics, and leather. We also deal with furniture construction and upholstery work.
  • we offer, the hardwood floor cleaning services part of our business implores cutting-edge products which are designed to clean, repair, and refinish your hardwood and laminate floor